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Are you advertising your business on Facebook? You are not alone. Facebook launches ‘Your Business Story’ video tool as it reaches 3 million active advertisers.

Lets gain some perspective comparing the other social media biggies:

  • Twitter has 130,000 active advertisers
  • Instagram recently announced they’ve hit 200,000 advertisers
  • Google, currently the leader in the online ads space, is believed to have more than 4 million active advertisers (though they don’t openly discuss this figure)

Facebook’s ad business growth has been super-fast with the social giant well on track to match, or even surpass, Google’s ad business in the very near future. With over 70% of Facebook’s advertisers based outside the US and it’s links to significant branch out projects, like internet.org and Aquila, it really is paving the way for greater connection into less-serviced regions.

2/3 of the world is currently not connected to the internet internet.org

The capacity for Facebook to grow outside the of the US is a key element of the companies wider goals. Zuckerberg himself recently stated he is looking to have 5 billion users on Facebook by 2030 (which will equate to half the global population by that time).

Tell your Business Story

It is a simple and engaging way for brands and businesses to tell their story. The tool ‘Your Business Story‘ allows and Facebook page to create their own video celebrating their achievements, using content from their Facebook page to achieve this.

“We know it’s not easy for many businesses to create ads and content, so we created a simple tool that helps them tell their business story to their customers. As part of the tool, businesses are able to upload their photos from their page, overlay with music (licensed by Facebook) and share “what they are in the business of” doing.”

The process is simple – just head to the  ‘Your Business Story‘ page and click on the button which says ‘Create My Video’. From there you can choose which of the Facebook Pages you manage that you would like to create the video about, then you are taken to the next stage, selecting relevant images for the video.

Photo's Facebook Story

You can select 8 photo’s then you are taken to the next step – telling your brand story in 90 characters starting ‘We’re in the business of…’

Finally select your Facebook-licensed music track (there are four to choose from) and that’s it – Facebook puts them together in a video collage, very similar to their ‘Year in Review’ posts.  Once you have viewed your video Facebook gives you the option to post it to your page but make sure you’re 100% happy as there is now other review step between here and uploading it as a post.

Its Simple

Such a simple video option which is perfect for many smaller businesses who, in particular, have difficulty materialising content and creating video posts. It provides some with a new option on this front and is definitely worth exploring given that video content on Facebook generate the highest amount of organic reach and engagement. Just see what you can do – it’s free of both cost and obligation!