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Facebook’s Your Business Story

Are you advertising your business on Facebook? You are not alone. Facebook launches ‘Your Business Story’ video tool as it reaches 3 million active advertisers. Lets gain some perspective comparing the other social media biggies: Twitter has 130,000 active advertisers Instagram recently announced they’ve hit 200,000 advertisers Google, currently the leader in the online ads space, is believed to have more than 4 million active advertisers (though they don’t openly discuss this figure) Facebook’s ad business growth has been super-fast with the social giant well on track to match, or even surpass, Google’s ad business in the very near future. With over 70% of Facebook’s advertisers based outside the US and it’s links to significant branch out projects, like internet.org and Aquila, it really is paving the way for greater connection into less-serviced regions. 2/3 of the world is currently not connected to the internet internet.org The capacity for Facebook […]