Local, personal and easy to contact is what you wan’t your website hosting to be!

Using Amazon Web Services, SoJo is able to provide a complete hosting solution for WordPress websites. SoJo deploy, configure, maintain and monitor virtual servers within Amazon’s cloud to host sites for clients. There are many different sizes of server, we usually start by hosting clients on our shared server and as demand increases present the various options for dedicated hosting in partnership with the client.

We won’t profess to be the cheapest web host you’ll find – but you get what you pay for these days. Large hosting providers offer cheap rates but aren’t easy to deal with if something goes wrong – and they can’t always tailor your hosting to your needs without hiking the price up significantly. Our service is personal and reliable.

Benefits of hosting with SoJo are detailed below:

Simple – Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services and have been designed by SoJo in partnership with Recx LTD to offer the minimal amount of required functionality – other platforms install many different “control panels” to suit their clients, but as SoJo is in charge of the maintenance they are using only what’s specifically required. Using fewer products lowers the overhead of maintenance and simplifies client access and use of their sites.

Secure – Hosting with SoJo within Amazon means SoJo control the entire server, and it only hosts sites SoJo controls. Other providers may host a wider range of uncoordinated clients on the same server representing different threat profiles. As SoJo is in complete control of the server, they can monitor any attacks across all sites, and actively mitigate any issues (such as adding password protection). They are also in control of ensuring it is continually updated to run the latest versions of WordPress, the web server, and dependent libraries (like HTTPS). The server security will be overseen by local cyber security specialists, Recx LTD.

Flexible – Clients with specific requirements can approach SoJo to customise any aspect of the hosting platform. As SoJo run the entire technology stack, it is feasible to accommodate a range of technologies on a temporary or permanent basis.

Scalable – Services can be separated and scaled up as demand increases for particular sites or during high-traffic periods (such as during special offer campaigns or Christmas periods, etc).

Reliable – All clients sites are configured with alerting to ensure issues can be resolved quickly in accordance with SoJo’s Service Level Agreement (SLA). Automated nightly backups of the entire site content are stored for a period of 14 days. Full site restores can be requested to any point in this period.

Fast – Your hosting choices will affect the speed of your website. The speed of your website is significant because Google uses the speed results as part of its ranking algorithm for search results. Once the design is finalised SoJo will adjust the server server and the content to ensure the website renders optimally.

Personal – Choosing to host with SoJo can give you a single point of contact for all website design and hosting issues, building a close business working relationship.


Prices start a £15pcm for Shared Server Hosting and £40pcm (+ server costs) for Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Read our Service Level Agreement here.