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Responsive Website Design

Not long ago you would be able to design a website with reasonable certainty what size it needed to be. Technology was limited, they’re weren’t as many devices and there was a definitive range of computer monitor sizes. This meant you could design your website with a fixed width and fix all of its elements in their places – job done! As my info graphic above displays – times have changes. Now there are seemingly infinite devices to browse the web on; laptops, desktops, tablets, notebooks, smartphones, smart watches, etc. Not only are there multiple devices but also multiple browsers on those devices – google chorome, IE, firefox, safari, etc. Smartphones are the most popular device for getting online, closely followed by tablets and laptops so to reach your audience your site HAS to be mobile friendly! Users are easily put off by non user-friendly websites, and a site designed […]

New .uk Domain has arrived

The new shorter, sharper domain .uk has arrived, but what does that mean to you? You have heard that the .uk domain name was launched on the 10th June 2014 and providers are offering it for sale. but your website currently runs on the domain name. What should you do? Before we start, lets look at some facts: The .uk domain has been automatically reserved for you up until the 10th June 2019 if you already own a domain. This also applies to those owning,,, and domain names. As long as you remain registered on one of these domains your .uk domain will be reserved for you, so there is no need to panic buy! For some of you there will have been more than one domain name that existed before the cut off date which share the same website name but have […]

Google Updates its Webmaster Tools Guidelines

Last month Google updated its webmaster guidelines, these are guidelines on how to improve your website for the Google search engine. Most of the changes didn’t come as a surprise but it’s interesting to take a look over what’s new and updated. Line one of Google’s Guidelines says it all: “following the General Guidelines below will help google find, index and rank your site.” That’s the most important bit for your average Google webmaster tools user. But if you are thinking of pushing the boundaries, the second part of the webmaster guidelines come into play: the Quality Guidelines. In this update there weren’t too many changes made, but they outline the banning offences and what is considered as spam. If you’re new to webmaster tools there’s some simple do’s and don’ts from Google: Do make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. Do think about what makes your website […]