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Pack It In – Zero Waste Living

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Pack It In – Zero Waste Living is a new start-up store opening in Worcester who initially approached SoJo for the design of a logo and WordPress website (including shared server hosting). Since this initial meeting our relationship as really blossomed and SoJo has helped support Pack It In – Zero Waste Living with all the design work required with the launch of a new store. Flyers, a Business Card Stamp for Phillipa to create her own cards from any recyclable card she has, Artwork for her re-usable bags, adverts – the list goes on. The website also needed to include documentation for GDPR compliance along with a Cookie Policy pop-up.

SoJo will continue to support Pack It In –  Zero Waste Living with any design work they require and has included 5 hours of WordPress training with their chosen design packages to make sure they have all the tools to be able to maintain and develop their website in future.


Phillipa’s Testimonial

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