Since starting my business as a Graphic and Website Designer in 2015 I've seen nothing but support from my local community - and since becoming a Mum in 2017 I've seen even more! I've been supported by some fantastic small startups and charitable organisations which I'll always hold dear as the inspiration for starting SoJo Support Local!

I'll be offering a Graphic and/or Website Design Project for free for one local charity, organisation, individual or WAHM startup,  for every 10 projects I work on. These are the people who need the most help them get the reach, recognition and resources they require.

The recipient will receive all the benefits a paying customer would with no sneaky added charges.

Kindness breads kindness so share the love folks!

If you know of someone you think might want our help - get in touch via the contact form and I'll see what I can do! I'm happy to help; charities, support events,  grow new startups and launch sites for individuals (ever wanted to write a blog?).