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Website Redesign into Wordpress

Content Management System




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Category Posts Widget, Custom Facebook Feed, Event List, Post Expirator, Duplicator, Site Origin Page Builder and Widgets Bundle and Yoast SEO.

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Easy to manage event listings.


Sophie Austwick

Project Website


The website Sophie from So-Jo Digital Design has recently delivered for us is exactly like her! It's clear, does precisely the job that's required and has exactly the right amount of functionality mixed with just the right level of beauty (and she stayed within budget for us!).
Friars folk and roots Friars folk and roots Malvern Worcestershire Website Design Digital Marketing

For this project the client required redesign of their website to transition it from Joomla to WordPress. This change of CMS provider was required in order to make the addition of content easier to add and manage.

The new websites requirements were that their landing page would consist of a full width slider, event listing, Facebook feed, contact details, subscribe form connected to Mailchimp and a social menu. There were to be two additional pages for current events and previous events.

In order to make the process of handling an event calendar as easy as possible, SoJo researched methods of automating the calendar and blog posts. We came up with a system whereby the ‘Current Events’ page contains blog posts from the current events category and the ‘Previous Events’ page contains blog posts, which have be set to automatically expire to the previous events category, once the date of the event passes.

The event list on the landing page automatically expires events as their date passes and use links to the individual event blog posts ‘more information’ and ticketing links are directed to the external ticketing sources.

Friars Folk and Roots website is also hosted on SoJo’s AWS Shared Cloud Server with nightly backups on 14 day retention.