SoJoSounds Malvern Worcestershire Website Design Digital Marketing

This is the first advert Sophie designed for her sister business SoJoSounds. Knowing her main target audience would be children and parents, she decided to employee Tabby from The Little Things to create a friendly character that would entice students in. Between them they came up with the lovable piano key zebra.

Design and Success

After receiving the piano zebra design from Tabby we set about creating a simple A5 flyer to advertise piano tuition in Malvern. We kept the colours simple, using only black and white, to make it easily readable in shop windows and notice boards. This was also a clear link to the black and white keys of the piano. Sophie wanted to get across to her potential audience that she was a young teacher with an engaging, fun way of teaching, so we used a handwriting style font and kept the text light and informal. You’ll see the black and white theme continues through to SoJoSounds website creating brand consistency.

We used the online publishing software Lucidpress to create the digital design because of the simplicity of the advert. Its a fantastic piece of publishing software ideal for beginners allowing you to make simple adverts for print and digital media. It even has inbuilt templates for facebook advert images, headline images and profile images allowing you to create a professional look VERY easily.

This advert proved to be a huge success, with over 50% of Sophie’s students contacting her and taking up lessons after seeing it. The success of the advert isn’t wholly down to design though, Sophie spent a lot of time getting it out there, paying to advertise on local notice boards and visiting local business requesting their support by putting her advert in the window. It might be surprising to you, but adverts in places like your local butcher or sweet shop could be more successful than you think!

Hint: Before starting an advertising campaign make sure you have the basics set up. If you would like customers to contact you via a dedicated business telephone number and email, make sure you set them up before you advertise. You want to make it as clear and easy as possible fore people to contact you.